Jan-May investment in chemical industry up 15.9% YoY
Click:0    DateTime:Jul.05,2023

From January to May, national fixed assets investment (excluding rural households) was up 4% YoY to RMB18.88 trillion, with investment in the chemical industry growing 15.9% YoY, according to data the National Bureau of Statistics issued on June 15. In detail, investment in the primary industry was up 0.1% YoY to RMB410.8 billion, that in the secondary industry up 8.8% YoY to RMB5.83 trillion, and that in the tertiary industry up 2% YoY to RMB12.64 trillion.

In the secondary industry, industrial investment rose 8.8% YoY. More specifically, investment in the mining industry increased 1.5% YoY, investment in the manufacturing industry grew 6% YoY, and investment in the production and supply of electricity, heat power, gas and water went up 27.6% YoY. In the tertiary industry, investment in infrastructure (excluding the production and supply of electricity, heat power, gas and water) was up 7.5% YoY. Among them, investment in railway transportation increased 16.4% YoY, investment in water conservancy management was up 11.5% YoY, investment in highway transportation up 4.4% YoY, and investment in public facilities management up 3.9% YoY.

By regions, investment in east China was up 6.6% YoY, that in central China down 2.5% YoY, that in west China up 2.2% YoY, and that in northeast China up 1.7% YoY. By types of registration, the fixed assets investment of domestic enterprises increased 4.2% YoY, that of enterprises funded by investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan decreased 5.2% YoY, and that of enterprises funded by foreign investors increased 5.2% YoY.