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Seize the Opportunity, Empower the Membrane Industry with Innovation —Interview with Zheng Genjiang, Chairman of Membrane Industry Association of China
With the continuous advancement of technology, China's membrane industry has become a supporting industry for the development of many other industries...
Capacity Expansion of Chinese Ethylene Tar Is Coming over Next 5 Years
The compound growth rate of Chinese ethylene tar’s capacity was around 8.3% from 2017 to 2021. And from 2017 to 2019, the capacity of ethylene tar pr...
Development of China’s Main Soft Plastic Film Products in 2021
Driven by domestic economic development and increased export orders, the total output of China's biaxially oriented films, mainly including biaxially ...
China’s MMA Firms Contend with Overcapacity and Improve Competitiveness
At the end of December 2021, domestic MMA capacity reached 1.71 million t/a, with 13.2% or 225 000 t/a coming from Chongqing Yixiang Chemical Co., Ltd...
China’s Toluene Market Sees Further Imbalance in Supply-Demand in 2022
China’s toluene capacity increased by 3.36 million t/a to 20.407 million tons in 2021, with total output at 8.58 million tons. Around 1.35 million t/...