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Ultra-low Ash Polypropylene Industry yet to Explore New Applications
The rapidly increasing polypropylene capacity in China is likely to bring the market into an oversupply state in the future. Market players believe th...
Measures to Achieve High-quality Development of China’s Pesticide Industry
China’s No. 1 central document for 2022 proposed propelling reduction of agricultural inputs. How will this affect domestic pesticide industry?
Polyether: The Year 2022 Starts with An Excess Supply
The polyether market opened high and yet went low in 2021, mainly impacted by the external factors, as well as the bearish demand. The prices fluctuat...
Styrene: Production Capacity Will Explode During the Year
In recent years, the growth rate of global styrene production capacity outside China has continued to slow down. As of the end of 2021, the total glob...
Analysis of China's Petrochemical Industry amid High Oil Price
International oil prices have risen sharply since the beginning of December 2021. However, the price of China's petrochemical products didn’t rise ac...