Jilin Petrochemical started construction of 350 000 t/a phenol/acetone and 240 000 t/a bisphenol A project
Click:36    DateTime:Jun.16,2023

Recently, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the 350 000 t/a phenol acetone unit and the pile foundation of 240 000 t/a bisphenol A unit of the dye plant of Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.’s refining and chemical transformation and upgrading project.

As part of Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd.’s refining and chemical transformation and upgrading project, the project has an approved investment of RMB39.94516 billion in total, and construction investment of RMB35.101 billion. Jilin Petrochemical currently has a total refining and processing capacity of 9.8 million t/a, and after the project was completed, Jilin Petrochemical adjusted the types of crude oil processing on the basis of the total processing capacity of crude oil unchanged. Then, there was 2.2 million t/a of wax oil hydrocracking unit (including 300 000 t/a naphtha normal isomerization separation), 1 million t/a diesel oil adsorption unit and 300 000 t/a C2 recovery unit added. The existing I atmospheric and vacuum unit was retrofitted in different places, and the processing crude oil was changed to Russian crude oil, and the II atmospheric and vacuum unit was adapted to process Qing/Kyrgyzstan crude oil; the 900 000 t/a hydrocracking unit was transformed into a catalytic diesel hydrogenation upgrading unit which used straight-run diesel as raw material while maintaining crude oil processing capacity, and no longer processes wax oil; the 1 million t/a delayed coking unit had environmental protection transformation; in the 2+20 000 t/a sulfur recovery unit, the solvent regeneration system of the III sulfur recovery unit was adapted to achieve a processing capacity of 240 tons/hour, and the II catalytic cracking unit was shut down.

In the chemical industry, it will build a new 1.2 million t/a ethylene unit, and the downstream supporting facilities will be 1 million t/a pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation, 450 000 t/a aromatic extraction unit, 400 000 t/a high-density polyethylene unit, 300 000 t/a ethylene oxide unit, 400 000 t/a EVA unit, 350 000 t/a phenol-acetone unit, 240 000 t/a bisphenol A unit, 40 000 t/a ethylene-propylene rubber unit, 10 000/40 000 t/a MTBE/1-butene unit, 600 000 t/a styrene unit, 260 000 t/a acrylonitrile plant, 600 000 t/a ABS unit, 800 000 t/a solvent deasphalting, 160 000 t/a asphalt gas generating unit, 50 000 t/a butadiene rubber unit, 200 000 t/a butadiene extraction unit, 8 000 t/a acetonitrile unit.