Longjiang Chemical's 200 000 t/a pure benzene project successfully put into operation
Click:56    DateTime:Jan.10,2024

On December 20, 2023, Heilongjiang Longjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.’s pure benzene project, with an annual output of 200 000 tons, was successfully put into operation and produced qualified products. The project adopts the first domestic process route, and marks the integration of the process flow including 200 000 t/a of pure benzene, 350 000 t/a of phenol acetone, and 200 000 t/a of bisphenol A, realizing the connection of "pure benzene-phenol/acetone-bisphenol A" industrial chain. Longjiang Chemical Polycarbonate Joint Project’s Phase I was put into full production as planned.

The project officially started construction on August 30, 2022 and successfully commenced production after 16 months. The 200 000 t/a pure benzene project adopts the first domestic process technology route, takes toluene as raw material, generates benzene and methane through thermal hydrogenation and demethylation, and obtains pure benzene products after distillation and separation. This process can make full use of abundant toluene resources in the surrounding areas of Daqing, effectively reducing production costs.