Qingdao Jinneng’s phase II high-performance polypropylene trial production succeeds
Click:0    DateTime:Jan.10,2024

On December 18, 2023, Jinneng Chemical (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.’s phase II 450 000 t/a high-performance polypropylene project designed by Daqing Petroleum Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. completed all processes and produced qualified polypropylene products.

The project, utilizing Lyondellbasell's Spheripol technology, is equipped with a double-loop reactor and a gas-phase copolymerization reactor, and has an annual production capacity of 450 000 tons of polypropylene.

The project is a one-stage design and took only 10 months from the delivery of the process package to the completion of the detailed design. Furthermore, it achieved successful trial production in just 20 months from the delivery of the process package, setting a new record in the design cycle and construction timeline of similar units.