Interim Handover of China First Set of Large-tow Carbon Fiber Production Line
Click:6    DateTime:Aug.16,2022

On August 16, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.’s first large-tow carbon fiber production line achieved interim handover, and the installation of the project equipment was completed, which was a key step for the next stage of trial production. Shanghai Petrochemical is the first company in China and the fourth company in the world to master the production technology of large-tow carbon fiber.

Once the project is completed and put into production, the single-line production capacity of raw silk and carbon fiber will be increased and the production cost of carbon fiber will be effectively reduced, which will improve the situation that China’s large-tow carbon fiber is all dependent on imports and always in short supply, and promote the high-quality development of domestic carbon fiber industry.

 In carbon fiber industry, large-tow carbon fiber usually refers to the number of carbon fibers per bundle is more than 48 000 (48k for short). At present, each bundle of carbon fibers in China is basically between 1 000 and 12 000, which belongs to small-tow carbon fiber. The biggest advantage of 48k large-tow is that under the same production condition, it can greatly improve the single-line production capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber, reduce production cost, and break the application limitations caused by its high price.