Hydrogen Peroxide Project Kicks off
Year:2007 ISSUE:36
Click:334    DateTime:Dec.25,2007
Hydrogen Peroxide Project Kicks off      

On November 26th, 2007 Wuhan Xingshi (Waking Lion) Chemicals Co., Ltd. began the construction on the hydrogen peroxide project in Jianghan Fine Chemical Industry Park, Hubei province.
   With a total investment of RMB150 million, the project has a production capacity of 150 000 t/a hydrogen peroxide (27.5% H2O2).
    The first phase of the project with an investment of RMB80 million has a production capacity of 50 000 t/a hydrogen peroxide, and will be completed in ten months.              
    Wuhan Xingshi (Waking Lion) Chemicals Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises in China that first started the research and development of hydrogen peroxide. The production capacity of hydrogen peroxide in the company has reached 20 000 t/a (27.5% H2O2).
   Besides, Zhejiang Jiangshan Hydrogen Peroxide Co., Ltd. is now leveling land to prepare for the construction of a 200 000 t/a hydrogen peroxide project.