300 000 t/a Synthetic Ammonia Project Kicks off
Year:2007 ISSUE:34
Click:331    DateTime:Dec.05,2007
300 000 t/a Synthetic Ammonia Project Kicks off      

On November 1st, 2007 construction on the 300 000 t/a synthetic ammonia project was started in the Xiaozhaiba phosphorus chemical base, Xifeng, Guizhou province.
    With an investment of RMB1.6 billion, the project is jointly invested by Guizhou Kailin (Group) Co., Ltd. (Guizhou Kailin) and Guiyang Public Traffic Company.
    After its completion, the project will secure the supply of synthetic ammonia to Guiyang Sinochem Kailin Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (jointly established by Guizhou Kailin, Sinochem and Guiyang Industrial Investment Holding Co., Ltd.) Beside, the waste gas discharged in the production of synthetic ammonia will be reused to produce fuel gas for buses.
    Guizhou Kailin is a large phosphorus chemical enterprise group integrating mining with fertilizer and chemical production.