Hubei to propel development of advanced chemical material industry
Click:0    DateTime:Jan.10,2024

Hubei will promote development of new materials like advanced chemical materials. The province aims to establish a new material industry cluster with national influence, by means of measures in three aspects:

* Development of scientific research platforms will be boosted to enhance innovation capability (e.g. supporting Three Gorges Laboratory to speed up research on electronic chemicals such as highly selective etching fluid, electronic materials for advanced packaging and photoresist).

* Industry scale of new material industry will be expanded: Four high-end petrochemical industry chains – involving ethylene oxide, C5, C9, and aromatic hydrocarbon – will be improved; two high-end industry chains related to ethylene and propylene will be established.

* Competitiveness of leading enterprises will be improved, and enterprises – featuring specific techniques, fine management, unique technologies, or new and high-tech products – will be cultivated (e.g. accelerating construction of Wuhan refining and chemical integration project, supporting Xingfa Group to develop high-end electronic chemicals, etc.).