Tonze plans to raise funds to expand production of lithium hexafluorophosphate
Click:11    DateTime:Dec.22,2023

On December 5, Tonze New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed a report on the issuance of stocks to specific targets and listing on the main board. The issuance price was set at RMB9.32 per share, and the total funds raised had reached RMB895 million.

The company stated that all the funds raised will be invested in new electrolyte lithium salts and integrated supporting projects including 30 000 t/a lithium hexafluorophosphate and 6 000 t/a high-purity lithium fluoride, as well as integrated supporting projects, which will help the company uphold its advantages as a leading company in lithium hexafluorophosphate market, consolidate self-sufficiency in raw materials, and reduce raw material procurement costs.