China's first POE industrial production unit achieved intermediate handover
Click:0    DateTime:Nov.24,2023

Recently, Hainan Beiouyi Technology Co., Ltd. ("Beiouyi"), a subsidiary of Jingbo Holdings, has achieved intermediate handover for its 30 000 t/a special polyolefin and supporting project. The project has been fully transitioned from the construction stage to the production preparation and trial operation stage. Representatives from all parties involved in project construction, production, design, construction, supervision, and quality supervision jointly signed the project intermediate handover certificate, marking the completion of China's first 10 000-ton industrialized polyolefin elastomer (POE) production unit and becoming an important milestone in the localization of POE.

Jingbo Petrochemical completed the environmental impact assessment of the 50 000 t/a POE project in 2020. The project uses ethylene and 1-octene as raw materials to synthesize polyolefin resin POE, with an annual output of 50 000 t/a of POE elastomer. During the actual planning and construction process, the project was constructed in three phases. The first phase involved the construction of new POE units with an annual output of 650 tons, using ethylene and 1-octene as raw materials. The first phase started in May 2021 and was basically completed in October 2021. The second phase involved a 30 000 t/a POE and polybutylene (PB-1) flexible unit. This unit has the capability to produce 20 000 t/a POE and 10 000 t/a PB-1 by switching raw materials.