Covestro to launch mass-balanced PUDs in the Asia Pacific market
Click:0    DateTime:Nov.24,2023

Covestro is set to introduce low-carbon-footprint polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) into the Asia Pacific market, commencing in the first quarter of 2024. These PUDs, supplied from Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai (CISS) in China, boast up to 80 percent alternative raw materials based on solids. Target applications include automotive interior adhesives, shoe adhesives, consumer electronics coatings, and various emerging sectors. Because of their wide use, they contribute to reducing the carbon footprint across value chains, supporting a transition towards a circular economy.

The low-carbon-footprint PUDs contain alternative raw materials derived from bio waste and residues, and their attribution is achieved through the mass balance approach. Mass balance is a chain of custody method that allows for the mixing of fossil and alternative feedstock during production but separates them in bookkeeping. The materials are tracked through the value chain and are finally attributed to selected end products with an accounting process certified to ISCC PLUS. CISS received its ISCC PLUS certification in 2021.

As a seamless drop-in solution, mass-balanced PUDs facilitate a smooth transition from fossil-based to circular solutions without altering existing processes or technologies, thus ensuring consistent product quality and properties for customers.