CPI up 2.8% YoY and PPI up 0.9% YoY in September
Click:0    DateTime:Oct.10,2022

The national Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up 2.8% YoY in September, when gasoline, diesel and LPG prices grew 19.2% YoY, 21% YoY and 16.6% YoY, respectively, according to data the National Bureau of Statistics issued on October 14.

Producer Price Index (PPI) for manufactured goods rose 0.9% YoY in September. Among 40 industries investigated, 30 industries, down two MoM, saw price growth. Price growth decelerated in some industries – like the petroleum, coal and other fuel processing industry with a growth of 17.2% YoY, down 4.1 percentage points MoM; the petroleum and natural gas extraction industry with a growth of 31.1% YoY, down 3.9 percentage points MoM; the chemical industry with a growth of 1% YoY, down 3.5 percentage points MoM.

Further, the price fell 2.7% YoY, versus an increase of 8.6% YoY, in the coal mining and washing industry and the price of non-metallic mineral products declined 1.8% YoY, instead of a growth of 1.4%. The ferrous metal smelting, rolling and processing (SRP) industry saw a price decrease of 18% YoY, and the nonferrous metal SRP industry saw a decline of 4.4% YoY, both expanding 2.9 percentage points MoM. In the area of production and supply of electric power and heat power, price growth reached 10.1%, up 0.9 percentage points MoM.