STL Lianyungang Petrochemical’s Comprehensive Utilization Project of Olefin Put into Operation
Click:0    DateTime:Sep.05,2022

On August 27, Satellite Chemical (abbr. STL) Lianyungang Petrochemical held the commissioning ceremony of the olefin comprehensive utilization project in Xuwei New District, Lianyungang.

It is reported that the first and second phases of the Lianyungang Petrochemical olefin comprehensive utilization project were officially put into operation on August 23. After several days of commissioning and operation, qualified products have been stably produced.

The Lianyungang petrochemical project is an important part in the integrated industrial layout of STL light hydrocarbons. It is planned to build an output of 1.35 million t/a of PE, 2.19 million t/a of EOE and 260 000 t/a of ACN, with a total investment of RMB33.5 billion. It will provide sufficient raw material guarantee for the STL’s three major business sectors, the functional chemicals, new energy materials, and new polymer materials and is one of the major projects in Jiangsu province.