BASF Kids’ Lab Beijing Session Inaugurated at CSTM
Click:142    DateTime:Jul.23,2021

On July 23, BASF inaugurated its annual Kids’ Lab Beijing session at the China Science & Technology Museum (CSTM). Based on climate change and health protection themes, two new exciting experiments were introduced to children, guiding them to explore the wonders of chemistry in daily life. Every summer, Kids’ Lab will tour China in partnership with various science and technology museums in Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing. The Beijing sessions at CSTM are held from July 23 to August 1.

In recent years, climate change has become a global challenge for humankind as increasing CO2 emissions intensifies the greenhouse effect. Unfortunately, it will take several generations to solve this fundamental problem. Designed in kids’ language, BASF introduces a brand new experiment, “Getting to know CO2”, to teach children about carbon dioxide (CO2) and the importance of greenhouse gas emission reduction in stopping global warming. Additionally, children are encouraged to discover their roles in reducing individual carbon footprints in their daily lives. Since the COVID pandemic is still threatening the world, a handwashing experiment will be launched to help kids understand that practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. 

“Since the introduction of BASF Kids’ Lab at CSTM in 2005, this unique event has raised numerous children’s interest and curiosity with simple but interesting experiments. Kids’ Lab has aroused many children’s enthusiasm for chemistry and has become one of the favorite summer events in CSTM for parents and kids,” said Qi Xin, Director of exhibition and education center of China Science and Technology Museum. “The experiments this year address topics that are of particilar social interest and relevant to everyone’s daily life, bringing us a fun and meaningful event. We hope our partnership with BASF will continue to introduce more high-quality popular science education activities to China’s younger generations.”

“Chemistry is everywhere in life and supports us in solving many current and future global challenges from pandemic prevention to global warming, etc.,” said Liu Yaqian, Senior Vice President, BASF Greater China. “We hope our experiments in Kids’ Lab can help children discover and experience the chemistry around them and develop the ability and inclination to explore and think independently.” 

The 2021 BASF Kids’ Lab experiments to be staged at CSTM include:

CO2 Lab: Getting to know CO2 (45-min workshop, for 8 – 12 years old)

Humans are facing a big challenge – meeting growing demands while lowering emissions. CO2 is an important greenhouse gas that helps trap heat in the atmosphere and plays a key role in Earth’s carbon cycle. The experiment helps children learn the properties of CO2 and how we can protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprints. 



Hand hygiene Lab: Why wash your hands? (45-min workshop, for 8 – 12 years old)

Germs can make people sick, but do we know how they are spread at home, school or in public places? This fun experiment visualizes the journeys of germs and teaches children how to wash hands correctly and stay healthy during a pandemic. 

Apart from hands-on experiments, BASF also makes scientific discovery easily accessible for all the kids across the country.  In 2020, BASF started to offer the Kids’ Lab Community mini program on WeChat, consisting of a portfolio of digital learning resources, including short videos, games, podcasts, and cartoons. In early August, BASF will launch a virtual Summer Camp. Participants will receive a physical lab kit to accompany the online programs, enabling kids to experience the joy of chemistry anytime, anywhere.