Government Helps Petrochemical Industry Propel Green Development
Year:2018 ISSUE:1
Click:327    DateTime:Jan.09,2018
Government Helps Petrochemical Industry Propel Green Development

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently issued Guiding Opinions on Propelling Green Development in Petrochemical Industry to optimize industrial layout and industrial structure, promote innovation capabilities and improve related criteria.
The document calls for establishing a group of new chemical industrial demonstration bases, world-class petrochemical industrial bases and modern coal chemical industrial demonstration parks. Further, hazardous chemicals enterprises will relocate from densely populated areas and environmentally sensitive areas. New chemical plants will be constructed in qualified chemical parks.
Green petrochemical products are greatly encouraged in the document, including high performance resin, special rubber, high performance fiber, functional membrane materials, electronic chemicals, high performance water treatment agents, surfactants, clean oils, high performance lubricating oils, eco-friendly solvent oils, special pitches, special waxes, efficient and low-toxic pesticides, water soluble fertilizers, waterborne coatings, etc., mainly serving the automotive, aviation, national defense & military, electronic information, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industries.