MIBK Importers Pay Cash Deposits to Customs
Year:2017 ISSUE:23
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MIBK Importers Pay Cash Deposits to Customs

After investigating methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) originating from Korea, Japan and South Africa, the Ministry of Commerce of China preliminarily argues that the three countries dump MIBK to China and this has hurt China’s MIBK industry.
Hence, when importing investigated MIBK, importers have to pay cash deposits to China’s customs, effective November 20, with a ratio of 29.9% for Kumho P&B Chemicals and 32.3% for other Korean firms; 48.4% for Mitsui Chemicals, 51.2% for Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and 190.4% for other Japanese companies; 15.9% for Sasol and 34.1% for other South African firms.