China to Upgrade Remanufactured High-End Intelligent Products
Year:2017 ISSUE:23
Click:365    DateTime:Jan.08,2018
China to Upgrade Remanufactured High-End Intelligent Products

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China recently issued Plan on Reuse of Waste High-end Intelligent Products (2018-2020) to propel remanufacturing industry and green development.
China is paying more attention to quality instead of speed when developing economy. The new plan focuses on reuse of key components like shield tunneling machines, aero-engines, gas turbines, medical imaging devices and equipment applied in oil and gas fields. Another emphasis is the application of general green technologies (related to additive manufacturing, special materials, intelligent processing, nondestructive testing, etc.) in the field of remanufacturing.
While making breakthroughs in key generic technologies currently curbing reuse of waste high-end intelligent products (waste HIP) and regarding disassembling, detection, contour machining, etc. by 2020, the plan calls for establishing market-based mechanisms for remanufactured products, and releasing 50 criteria to manage, supervise and assess remanufacturing technologies applied to waste HIP. Further, the plan requires to establish remanufacturing demonstration enterprises, technical R&D centers, service enterprises, information service platforms, etc., trying to raise the scale of domestic remanufacturing industry to RMB200 billion.
To achieve abovementioned goals, the plan requires players engaged in remanufactured high-end intelligent products to strengthen technical innovation, R&D and industrialized application, and establish an industrial collaboration system as well as product promotion mechanisms. In addition, related projects should be kicked off, and necessary criterial must be made. Public information service platforms and new models of financial services should both be established.