AkzoNobel Science Award Makes Debut in China
Year:2009 ISSUE:35
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AkzoNobel Science Award Makes Debut in China   

By Lily Wang   
AkzoNobel announced on December 2nd, 2009 that it is partnering with the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) to extend its highly acclaimed AkzoNobel Science Award into China.
   The Award, to be known as "The AkzoNobel Chemical Sciences Award", will be presented in recognition of ground-breaking research and outstanding scientific contributions to the advancement of the fields of materials science, chemistry, and measurement & analytical science.
   The Award will be granted biennially to three distinguished scientists in China who are engaged in research pertaining to polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer and materials characterization, colloid science, green chemistry and new materials science. Each laureate will receive a prize of RMB100 000 and a certificate.
   Since its inception in 1970 the AkzoNobel Science Award has only been awarded in the Netherlands and Sweden in recognition of ground-breaking interdisciplinary research. But now, in keeping with the company's status as a world leader in decorative and industrial coatings and specialty chemicals, the Award is being globalized and extended into other regions and countries bearing greatest strategic importance to the sustainable growth of AkzoNobel. China is the first country in which the AkzoNobel Science Award has been extended.
   The launch of the Award to China reflects both AkzoNobel's global ambitions, and the strategically important position of China in the company's blueprint for growth, said Leif Darner, member of the Board of Management of AkzoNobel.
   Nominations for the first AkzoNobel Chemical Sciences Award in China will take place from December 10th, 2009 to January 10th, 2010. The laureates will be selected by an independent panel convened by the CCS and they will receive their Award at a special ceremony that will be staged during the Annual Meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society on June 20th, 2010.  
   The Amsterdam-based world's leading coatings group has been actively involved in the China market since the late 1970s. As of 2008, the investment of AkzoNobel in China amounted to Euro 861 million, with 25 manufacturing facilities, one innovation center, one service center as well as nationwide network of sales offices. Currently AkzoNobel is building its multi-site plant in Ningbo in eastern China with an investment of Euro 275 million. The company has set a target of US$2 billion in sales for the China's business by 2012. And also AkzoNobel China employees are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow's Answers Today TM by introducing new idea and developing sustainable answers for its customers in China.
   The Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), founded in 1932, is an academic organization formed by Chinese chemists of their own accord and aiming at uniting Chinese chemists at home and abroad to promote the development of chemistry in China. The CCS now has 50 000 members, 63 organization members and 31 local branches.