MOC Announces Final Ruling on Imported Adipic Acid
Year:2009 ISSUE:32
Click:359    DateTime:Nov.18,2009
MOC Announces Final Ruling on Imported Adipic Acid      

The Ministry of Commerce of China (MOC) announced November 11th its determination concerning adipic acid (AA, HS code: 29171200) imported from the United States of America, the European Union and Korea.
   The MOC found that AA imported from above mentioned countries and region was dumped into China during the investigation period, injuring domestic AA industry. Under the determination, The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council decided to levy the antidumping tariff on the AA case over five years, effective November 2nd, 2009. And all importers, when importing AA from these sources, must pay the tariff to the Chinese customs. The tariff ratios for respective sources of AA are as follows:
   Ascend Performance Materials LLC    16.8%
   All Others    35.4%
   Radici Chimica S.P.A    7.4%
   Radici Chimica Deutshland GMBH    7.4%
   BASF SE    9.8%
   All Others    16.7%
   Rhodia Polyamide Co. Ltd.    5.9%
   Asahi Kasei Chemicals Korea Co.    5.0%
   All Others    16.7%
     China instituted the AA dumping on November 10th, 2008. (CCR2008 No. 33) And the nation made an initial ruling on the case. (CCR2009 No. 19)