Ultra E by Dow Chemical Triumphed by Coating Formulators
Year:2009 ISSUE:31
Click:215    DateTime:Nov.06,2009
Ultra E by Dow Chemical Triumphed by Coating Formulators      

Target applications of Dow Chemical's UltraTM E include mid-to-high end interior coatings, exterior coatings and EWC. Ultra E provides superior application performance and is highly cost effective. More importantly, it significantly lowers the TiO2 level in coatings, cutting CO2 emissions and minimizing the environmental impact. Ultra E contains no formaldehyde, APEO or Ammonia, and thus an ideal choice when formulating low-VOC and odor-free coatings.
   The launch of Ultra E is a breakthrough in the industry. Ultra E is a hollow-sphere, non-film-forming emulsion polymer that becomes a functional white pigment when dry, improving the paint hiding power and whiteness of the paint film. Replacing TiO2 with Ultra E can efficiently increase the volume of the coating itself without affecting the paint hiding power of the coating. In addition, it also features excellent dirt resistance, a feel-good paint film and better color retention. Coatings with Ultra E have performed well in both roll painting and brush painting, which means an easy application in construction.