80 000 T/A Natural Fatty Alcohol Starts Production
Year:2007 ISSUE:35
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80 000 T/A Natural Fatty Alcohol Starts Production      

In September 2007 the 80 000 t/a natural fatty alcohol project of Liaoyang Lightower North Chemical Company - a subsidiary of Liaoyang Huaxing Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. (Liaoyang Huaxing) was completed and went on stream in Liaoyang, Liaoning province. The production capacity of natural fatty alcohol in Liaoyang Huaxing therefore has reached 140 000 t/a.
   With a total investment of RMB246 million, construction on the project was started in March 2005.
   Besides, before the construction of project, the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau strictly evaluated the environmental impact of the project.
    Liaoyang Lightower North Chemical Company, established in January 2005, purchased Lightower Beacon Fertilizer Plant at a price of RMB10 million in February 2005.
   Liaoyang Huaxing is a private chemical group focusing on the production of natural fatty alcohols and nonionic surfactants.