New Projects Recently Approved in China
Year:2007 ISSUE:34
Click:322    DateTime:Dec.05,2007
New Projects Recently Approved in China   


China BlueChemical Ltd. and Jincheng Municipal  Government
600 000 t/a synthetic ammonia and 1 million t/a large granulated urea
Jincheng, Shanxi province
applying for approval

Luoshan Jinding Chemical Co., Ltd.
50 000 t/a melamine    
Luoshan county, Henan province    
passing approval

Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co., Ltd.    
120 000 t/a PVC and 100 000 t/a    ionic membrane caustic soda
Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia    
engineering design
Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Momentive Performance Materials    
100 000 t/a methyl chlorosilane monomer     
Jiande, Zhejiang province    
engineering design
Shanxi Tond Chemical Co., Ltd.    
180 000 t/a synthetic ammonia,     100 000 t/a ammonium nitrate,
    30 000 t/a methanol and 220 000 t/a urea
Xinzhou, Shanxi province    
passing approval

Shanghai Bluestar Chemical New Material Plant    
60 000 t/a polyoxymethylene    (second-phase)
Pudong New Area, Shanghai    
making FSR
Anhui Wanwei Group Co. Ltd     
500 000 t/a calcium carbide,     
    100 000 t/a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA),
    100 000 t/a acetic anhydride and
    50 000 t/a 1,4-butanediol
Chaohu, Anhui province    applying for approval

Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.    
60 000 t/a silicone    
Tangshan, Hebei province    
engineering design