Projects Released in CCR October 2007
Year:2007 ISSUE:33
Click:235    DateTime:Nov.27,2007
Projects Released in CCR October 2007                    

Product    Capacity     
Location    Cost     
Startup    Status
CSI Photovoltaic Power (Luoyang) Co., Ltd.
long crystal & silicon chip    3 000t/a    
Luoyang, Henan province    RMB1.2 billion    
Mar-08    c

Jilin Branch of Stanley Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
high-tower granulation compound fertilizer    280 000 t/a     
Jilin city, Jilin province    RMB300 million    
Aug-08    c

Zhejiang Galico Cobalt & Nickel Co., Ltd.
Cobalt/Nickel Chemical Products    -    
Hangzhou, Zhejiang province    RMB15.0 million    
-    c

Urumqi Petrochemical Company Ltd.    
melamine    30 000 t/a    
Urumqi, Xinjiang    -    
Aug-07    s

Haohua Southwest Chemical Co., Ltd.
perchloroethylene     12 000 t/a    
Zigong, Sichuan province    -    
-    s

Liaoyang Petrochemical Company Ltd.
ethylene    from 120 000 t/a to 200 000 t/a     
Liaoyang, Liaoning province    -    
-    c

Wusu Xinhong Chemical Co., Ltd.
calcium carbide    300 000 t/a (first phase)    
Wusu, Xinjiang    RMB350 million    
-    c

Henan Lianchuang Chemical Co., Ltd.
ion-membrane caustic soda    250 000 t/a     
PVC                           200 000 t/a
Jiyuan, Henan province    RMB620 million    
Aug-08    c

Fujian Jinjiang Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
PA (polyamide) 66     30 000 t/a (first phase)    
Changle, Fujian province    RMB330 million    
Sep-07    s

Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
synthetic ammonia    400 000 t/a     
phosphoric acid    120 000 t/a
diammonium phosphate (DAP)    240 000 t/a
compound fertilizer    800 000 t/a
Xining, Qinghai province    RMB660 million    
2010 c

Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
PVC    200 000 t/a (first phase)    
caustic soda     180 000 t/a (first phase)
Inner Mongolia    RMB2.9 billion    
Sep-07    s

Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Co., Ltd.
methanol    200 000 t/a    
Inner Mongolia    RMB245.9 million    
Sep-07    s

Fujian refining and ethylene project
gas fractionation    120 000 t/a    
Fujian province    -    
-    c

Zhejiang Lansol Fluorchem Co., Ltd.
anhydrous hydrogen fluoride    20 000 t/a    
Quanzhou, Zhejiang province    -    
Sep-07    s

Jiuyang Company of Anyang Jiutian Chemical Group
methylamine/DMF (dimethyl formamide)    120 000 t/a    
Anyang, Henan province    RMB400 million    
Oct-07    s

Ningxia Baota Petrochemical Group
residue fluid catalytic cracking    600 000 t/a    
Ningdong Base, Ningxia    over RMB400 million    
Sep-07    s

Shandong Kaisheng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
m/p-phthaloyl dichloride    1 800 t/a     
Shandong province    RMB21 million     
Oct-07    s

Sichuan Hanlong Group and Baotou Menghan Industry Co., Ltd.
PVC    1.0 million t/a    
ionic membrane caustic soda     720 000 t/a
Baotou, Inner Mongolia    RMB7.2 billion    
- c

CNPC Kramay Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
sulfur recovery    4 000 t/a    
Kramay,Xinjiang    -    
Sep-07    s

Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
1,4-butanediol (BDO)    50 000 t/a     
Yima, Henan province    RMB800 million    
- c

China Oceanwide Holdings Group
coal chemical    -    
Baotou, Inner Mongolia    RMB22.8 billion    
-    c

CNPC Dushanzi Petrochemical Company Ltd.
chemical water treatment    -    
Dushanzi, Xinjiang        
Oct-07    s

Shaanxi Nonferrous Metal Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.,
Xi'an Lvjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
and Shaanxi Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd.
polycrystalline silicon    3 750 t/a     
Xianyang, Shaanxi province    RMB3.7 billion    
-    c

Jilin Fuel Alcohol Co., Ltd.
sweet sorghum stalk based alcohol    3000 t/a    
Yancheng, Jiangsu province    RMB65.0 million    
at the end of 2007    c

Double Coin Holdings Ltd. (Chongqing) Tire Co., Ltd.
all-steel radial tire    4.0 million pcs/a    
motorcycle tires    20.0 million pcs/a
Chongqing    RMB3.0 billion     
-    c

Bekaert Binjiang Steelcord Co., Ltd
steel cords     expanding to 125 000 t/a (second phase)    
Jiangyin, Jiangsu province    RMB240 million     
Sep-07    s
S=start construction    C=completed
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