Rhodia Inaugurates Diphenols Production Site in China
Year:2007 ISSUE:33
Click:220    DateTime:Nov.27,2007
Rhodia Inaugurates Diphenols Production Site in China   

On November 16th, 2007 Rhodia inaugurated its new diphenols production plant at Zhenjiang in China, in the presence of Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Rhodia's CEO, local Chinese authorities and a host of Asian clients and manufacturing partners.
    Based on over 40 years' experience in diphenols production, Rhodia uses its expertise and cutting-edge technology to develop the best products that both fulfil the highest quality and purity criteria and ensure compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements.
   The Zhenjiang facility forms part of an unrivalled industrial network in diphenols production that also includes plants at St Fons, France and Baton Rouge, USA.
   The Zhenjiang plant is a new step in the Group's expansion in China. Located not far from Shanghai, near the Yangtze River, the 40 hectare site at Zhenjiang is a very competitive platform that can host other Rhodia activities.