Agents - How to be a subscription agent for China Chemical Reporter ?
Subscription agent may write to China Chemical Reporter,
Add: 53 Xiaoguan Street, Andingmenwai, Beijing 100029 PR China
Agency discount: 20% if the client number is less than 10; 30% if the client number exceeds 10 and less than 100;
40% if the number is more than 100 but less than 500; 50% for the number exceeding 500.
Back Issues - how do I buy a back issue?
Back issues are available. Please email at
Change of address to receive magazine?
Please email your old address and new address to
We will inform you one month ahead before your subscription expires. Or you can inform us your renew decision in advance by fax – 86-10-64437125 or email -
Delivery Times
China Chemical Reporter is printed and distributed on 6th, 21st per month. The online edition will be available on the same data. The delivery times for hard copy are based on the distribution network for individual countries.
3-5 days
1-3 weeks
Middle East/Africa
10-25 days
7-12 days
First issue - when will I receive it?
Your first issue will be sent on the day when your payment is confirmed on CNCIC’s account.
Missed issue - how do I claim?
If you have missed an issue please contact us immediately. We will try to replace any missed issue if notified within three months.
Promotional subscription rates
We value the support of our loyal readers and do not wish to offend them by promoting special rates to new customers. From time to time we do this to encourage casual readers to trial a subscription on our website.
CNCIC can supply charged reprints of individual articles. These are ideal for presentations or as part of a press pack.
How to use ID on CCR website database?
If you are CCR online subscriber, please carefully use your ID to access to the database on that covers all stories and data CCR ever published since 1998. Please do not spread the ID out of your company (regional office) without CNCIC’s permission. Typically only three IP addresses can be frequently used to access in your regional office. Forgot password, please send message to
Does CCR have a Chinese version?
CNCIC has regularly published a Chinese magazine – China Chemical News who has a group similar focus points with CCR. But many differences exist between the two sister magazines.
Can I change my subscription version (from database, PDF to print, inversely) throughout the year?
Surely. The rates are different, therefore expire date will be changed if no additional payment is made.
Can I pay by credit card?
Sorry. MOTOpay method plan was interrupted by the current financial turmoil.
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