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Dr. Christian KirstenCorporate Senior Vice President Transport & Metal and Head of Adhesive Technologies Asia-Pacific of HenkelIf the past year taught us anything, it’s that the world is becoming an unpredictable place where change is the only const... May.22,2017

Output and import declinedChina produced around 3 280 tons of natural rubber in 2016, a drop of 7.8% from the previous year. The sustained growth of recent years peaked out in 2014. Natural rubber output declined in 2015 and fell further in 2016, wh... May.22,2017

By Chang Min, China National Chemical Economic and Technical Development CentreSupplyIn 2005, China was able to make around 1 186kt/a of nylon 6 chips, and by 2015, capacity increased to 3 392kt/a,after average annual growth exceeding 12.8%. Actual ... May.22,2017

By HuaXin, Mi Duo, CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Research InstituteAt present, China mainly uses heavy C9 fractions – a byproduct of ethylene cracking units – as heavy fuel, while only a little is used to make petroleum resin. In 2016, domestic C9 output... May.22,2017

By Li Min, China National Chemical Economic and Technical Development CentreSupplyBy the end of 2015, China’s capacity to make propylene oxide reached 3 007kt/a, an increase of 2% over the previous year. The output was 2 091kt, after a YoY drop of 0... May.22,2017

By Lin Zhihua, Iron Oxide Industry Sub-association, China Coating Industry AssociationChina had 700 kt/a iron oxide capacity in 2016, a YoY decrease of 50 kt; output was 620kt, down by 40 kt; sales revenue was RMB3.57 billion, down 1.65%. Apparent c... May.22,2017

By Sun Dongquan, China Plastics Processing Industry AssociationUpsurge expected for China-made alternatives Sixty one enterprises have announced plans to invest in the lithium-ion battery separator sector in China, of which 19 in vesters confirm to ... May.8,2017

By Shen Guiying, China National Chemical Information CentreDuring thermal cracking of Petroleum based raw materials to get ethylene, by-product fractions C5 and C9 are obtained, and these fractions are further separated to form cyclopentadiene. Cycl... May.8,2017

By China Dyestuff Industry AssociationAccording to statistics of China Dyestuff Industry Association, 1 162kt of dyestuffs and pigments were produced in 2016, up 1.5% YoY. Gross industrial output value was RMB59.85 billion, up 2.3% YoY. Product sale... May.8,2017

Holger Schlaefke Global Marketing Manager – CEL Dyes, Huntsman Textile EffectsInnovations in reactive dyes are helping to revolutionize the textile industry by delivering economic and environmental sustainability. Textile mills in China are under ... May.8,2017

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