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By Lu Xuan, Cao Zirong, PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Water reducers commonly used today are roughly classified into lignosulfonate varieties, naphthalene/anthracene high-performance varieties and polycarboxylic acid varieties. Polycarbox... Mar.20,2017

By Zhao ZhenIncreased output & pricesAfter a historic low in 2015, titanium dioxide prices rose steadily in 2016. See Figure 1 for details. By the end of December 2016 the high-end market price of rutile titanium dioxide had already increased to RMB... Mar.20,2017

China’s output of coatings – produced by enterprises with annual sales of RMB20 million or above – was up 7.2% YoY to 19 million tons in 2016, and these firms posted main business revenue of RMB435.45 billion, increasing 5.6% from 2015. While exp... Mar.20,2017

By Patrick Chen, Golden Asia Consult LtdThe Chinese coatings market has entered into a phase of “new normal” state in recent years affected by the slow growth of economy, mild recovery of global market, fluctuation of raw material price, rising cost... Mar.20,2017

By Hao Lianping, Tianjin Petrochemical Transportation & Sales CentreCapacityMore than 90% of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) used in China goes into blended gasoline. MTBE production has been expanding fast as gasoline demand has increased in recent ... Mar.20,2017

By Gao Chunyu, CNPC Economics & Technology Research InstituteBy the end of 2016, China’s ethylene capacity had grown to 22.15 million t/a, and propylene capacity was 33.20 million t/a. The diversification of raw materials for making oil-based ethyle... Mar.20,2017

By Song Binbin, Jilin Design Institute of CNPC Northeast Refining & Chemical Engineering Company LimitedCapacity in surplusChina’s polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) capacity was 220 kt/a in 2010 and the output was 172 kt. By 2015, they had increased ... Mar.6,2017

By Zhang Fuqin, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering InstituteIncrease in capacity and outputChina’s crude oil processing capacity reached 756 million t/a in 2016. The oil refining processing capacity of PetroChina is 189 million t/a. PetroChina... Mar.6,2017

By Ma Yaoyao, Wu Yifan, China National Chemical Economic and Technical Development CentreProductionThe first 1,6-hexanediol production line in China was a pilot unit constructed by Liaoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in September 2004. The design capac... Mar.6,2017

China Chlor-Alkali Industry AssociationConcentration increasesChina’s caustic soda capacity reached 39.45 million t/a in 2016, a net increase of 720 kt/a from 2015 (adding 2.03 million t/a new capacity, while phasing out 1.31 million t/a). There are... Mar.6,2017

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