On April 20, 2017, LANXESS announced that the Leather business unit at specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its portfolio for the leather industry with the addition of HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion and OPTI-MATT AD-20 Duller. The two new binders for finishing high-quality automotive leather were developed by The Dow Chemical Company and are currently marketed by LANXESS. In this relationship, Dow is responsible for the research, development and production of a number of specialty chemicals, while LANXESS is in charge of marketing, sales and comprehensive technical customer service. “Following extensive testing during the evaluation phase, the new binders were rated positively by manufacturers of automotive leather,” says Thomas Brackemeyer, head of business line Organic Leather Chemicals at LANXESS, who adds: “We see already high interest in the market.”

HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion

   HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion is a transparent acrylic binder for high-quality top coats with medium hardness. Finishes produced using this binder exhibit exceptional flexibility, particularly in cold conditions, and excellent resistance to discoloration in heat. The aqueous emulsion also results in excellent rub and abrasion resistance.
   HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion is used in top coat systems in conjunction with acrylic- or polyurethane-based matting agents such as OPTI-MATT AD-20 Duller. In combination with this product and the appropriate additives, HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion offers greatly enhanced protection against soiling over conventional systems. HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion can also be used with suitable polyurethane and acrylic binders in base coats.

OPTI-MATT AD-20 Duller

   OPTI-MATT AD-20 Duller is an aqueous matting agent for high-quality finishes. The milky white dispersion is primarily used for matting top coats, particularly for automotive or furniture leather. It is usually applied in combination with transparent acrylic binders such as HYDRHOLAC CL-20 Emulsion or polyurethane dispersions. Thanks to the organic and inorganic matting technology used in OPTI-MATT AD-20 Duller, these systems boast a much lower polishing effect than conventional, silica-based matting agents. Leather finished using this matting agent combines excellent physical properties and an exceptionally pleasant feel, look and softness.

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