On March 21, 2017, Gelest announced that Vertasil (R) TM-L01 LIMONENYLTRISILOXANE from Gelest, Inc. has improved volatility and better solubility than caprylyl methicone. 
   “Our evaluations showed that after 6 hours at 25°C, (77°F), 0.1% of the test sample evaporated vs. about 0.5% of caprylyl methicone,” said Ed Kimble, Gelest Vice-President of Product Management.  “Therefore, cosmetics containing Versatil TM-L01 can stay on skin longer than the same formulation with caprylyl methicone.”
   Vertasil TM-L01 is a naturally derived multifunctional hybrid fluid alternative to caprylyl methicone and to cyclomethicone. Derived from limonene, the major ingredient of citrus rind oil, and a low molecular siloxane, Versatil TM-L01 has physical properties similar to cyclosiloxanes, plus an improved sensory experience on skin.
   Comparative evaluation, as illustrated in the accompanying photograph, shows that Vertasil TM-L01 improves solubility vs. caprylyl methicone.  “The improved solubility increases compatibility with common raw materials such as natural oils and waxes, hydrocarbons, esters and sunscreens,” said Kimble. 
   “Adding caprylyl methicone ‘compatibilizes’ mineral oil and silicone oil,” he added, noting that the oils don’t mix.  “We’ve shown that TM-L01 ‘compatibilizes’ the oils, while providing additional functional and sensory benefits.”
   Versatil TM-L01 reduces tack and greasiness, imparts a light and dry skin feel, and leaves a soft and silky after feel. The colorless and odorless fluid improves spreadability and enables fast absorption on the skin. In addition, the gentle cleansing properties of Versatil TM-L01 offer formulators an additional benefit in cleansers, wipes, lotions, foundations and other cosmetics and personal care products.
   “The cleansing properties are due to the insertion of limonene onto an emollient silicone,” Kimble said. “What’s more, TM-L01 offers an economic advantage by reducing formulation costs and enabling manufacturers to create a more profitable finished product.”

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